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Rebel Wire Kits, USA Made!

Are you looking for an easy wiring kit that you can install? Are you looking for quality? Are you looking for a USA made product?

Rebel Wire is it! I have installed many of these kits in cars dating from 1920 thru 1960 and If you have a basic knowledge of auto electrics, this kit installs very easily. Each wire is labeled and terminated cleanly. The fuse block is an 4-fuse unit that has interlocking capabilities. What is meant by this is? If you order an 8 fuse kit and you find that that is not enough protection needed, you can order another 4 fuse unit and snap/lock it in place (to the already installed kit,) pull your new wires, terminate and go. Although, Rebel wire does not sell pre-wired 4 fuse kits normally; but im certain for an additional cost, a custom application can be created to your needs to snap right in as well.

Speaking of custom applications, 6v kits can be special made with the correct wire gauge size. I have personnaly installed these to some early Fords. If your a die hard 'traditionalist' like me, Its a nice upgrade to the old system. These days, why go 12v when you can stick with the original 6v.

Included with each kit is an easy to read set of installation instructions, a grommet for the firewall or penetration point, extra wire for your alternator and a fuse block legend to stick in your glove box or glue in place.

Wiring a whole car is not the easiest of things to accomplish, but with Rebel Wire kits, they make it as simple as possible if your willing to take your time and ask questions when needed.

Products available are 20, 9+3, 8 fuse Circuit kits, 700R4/200R4 Lock Up kits, Grounding kits, Gauge kits, Grounding straps and lots more.

Vintage Metal is a distributor for Rebel Wire on the West coast; So. California area. If your looking to try it out, buy bulk for your small Rod Shop; email me and Ill send my phone number to you. I would be glad to help. Order through Vintage Metal and get an additional 10% off on each part ordered!

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Luckiest Man Alive!

What else should be said, watch this video. You'll be closing your mouth at the end.

If your going to build a race car, build it right!


I think I'm going to cry!

If you have a passion like I do for cars, just watching this will make you cry. Unbeknownst to the owners, some of the parts on just a few of those cars could have padded thier bank account nicely.

I hope they put them up for sale first to let enthusiests like myself get the chance at them.


The 58 Ford and 49-50 Plymouth....

Another 1960 Starliner Find!

I was browsing another website to find one of its members picked up this jewel of a car. 1960 Ford Starliners are one of my favorite 'bubble top' cars of that era. The lines and flowing body panels make this car stand out from the rest of them.

Its absolutely stunning in the condition that it is in. They are still out there, you just have to keep looking!

This is what the new owner wrote: "Here is my 60 Starliner fresh out of the pasture. 68k original miles with almost no rust. Original paint and interior. She runs perfect and the radio still works. I'm the third owner and was lucky to get the orginal title.."

Looking at the pictures below, See what you can do with one of these beauties; way to go 'Kirk!'. He shows that he's got a keen eye to detail and color combinations.

I absolutely love the color of the blue used on this car. The fade-a-ways are perfectly blended; just like Larry Watson did back in the day. The chrome steelies with the painted centers to match the car, stand out light enough to accent the rest of the bottom edge, stainless trim and full bumpers front and back. The clean white outlines along the perimeter of the side panels and hood offset the blue color between each panel enhancing each of the factory lines.

This is a wonderful example of a late 50's early 60's custom. It could fit nicely in the background of our favorite movie 'American Grafiti'.

Absolutely Stunning!


How Strong are Model A Rears, Part II - Snubbers

I was reading some information on line and came across this great post on Model A Rear ends and the use of a brass subber to help the ring gear from walking away from the pinion..causing rear end desintegration.
Here are a couple of photos to show where a snubber is located. I use a Kiwi Quickchange center section. This rear is using a Halibrand manual from speedway that showed a snubber in the later V8 quickchanges. Vic King " Midnite Oil " he said they had put a snubber in the rear end on their dragster to keep the ring gear from pushing away from the pinion, this being the weak spot on the "A"rear end. The one is made out of bronze and give it less than .005 clearance. When the ring gear pushes away the pinion will try to climb the ring gear and break the casting. This is where most model "A" halibrands will show traces of welding


Yes! We have Big Band Music

Are you a big fan of Big Bands? Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman? Vintage Metal has true original big band music that you can listen to at your desk at work or home. Take advantage of our new add - see the Music Player at bottom of page. Ill be adding to the playlist more and more so we can enjoy great music from the era Hot Rodding truly became traditional!


WW2 Hero - Normandy and a Frenchman

This is a bit off topic from the usual posts about cars. If you dont know already, I'm a huge WW2 fanatic and I cherish the ways of that era that have since long left us in this current crazy world.

If I can share a little of my own feelings; I am a previous US Navy Veteran. I feel that today, we as Veterans and current Active Duty Military get the short end of the stick. I feel people who never served will ever truly understand the comroderie of the Military Man/Woman and the mission that they upheld while they served. The true patriotism and honor felt while putting on the uniform each day as we did. This video is the first that I have ever seen or heard in my entire life of a French citizen show thier gratefulness of our sacrifices that we made for them so that they could live free, just as we do each day. I was completely blow away while watching this. I was moved by this persons passion to do what he did. I truly believe that he does this to each and every serviceman/woman who committed thier life in this time to make sucessful the mission our Allied Forces in 1945 partook matter the cost. Im certain General Eisenhower looks down with a big smile; knowing the decision he made, was the right one.

Continuing; I ran into this You Tube video about a returning US Army 101st Ariborne Veteran to the beaches of Normandy and the Memorial. While walking throughtout the cemetary, he and his family run into a Frenchman who begins shared his undying thankfulness for what the American had done.

His passion for what the Allied Forces did in that time seemed endless. For me, that said it all. Watch on!


Absolutely Amazing!

This is one of my favorite pictures, the 1934 Roadster races. All cars were 1932 to 1934 Ford Roadsters. How wonderful it would have been to stand on the side lines watching these cars drive by. Now if your a Ford fanatic like myself, the look of these pictures alone just give you the 'willies'.

1928 Model A 'Roadster' Project

Today was a good day. My chassis has finally gotten working brakes. After a year of waiting to finally get to this landmark step, Im excited to say Im closer to completion and hard pressed to reach the finish line.


How strong are Model A rear ends?

Here are a few fellow's oversea's ripping the track in thier 4 banger powered; Stock Model A rear roadsters.

I only mention the model A rear because most people think they are absolute junk and cant handle the torque and punishment like the later banjos.

I think I would feel a little more comfortable now running my stock A rear banjo with a flatty or banger motor.


More Great Hot Rod Racing

Sorry that Im not loaded with alot to say on these past few topics. As for me, I enjoy the video's and make it up on my own.

Another great weekend of fun in Switzerland.

Great Hot Rod Racing -

Great Hot Rod Switzerland!

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America


1928 'Roadster' Build

It finally gets its driveshaft installed. After months of trying to figure out how to shorten the shaft, fit it in place, it can finally couple the rear to the transmission. How did I do it? measure the desired length of shaft you need, cut to length, have the cut end cut down in the lathe to inner diameter of the coupler, slip on the coupler, rosette the coupler on from the sides via holes drilled, then weld the coupler direct to the shaft.


1928 Model A 'Roadster'

Another update on the 'Roadster'. Body is in primer and let the blocking and body work begin!


1928 Roadster Progress

With the body off, and back down to fresh bare metal, Its time to push forward with the actual body work. I foresee many hours of sanding and blocking to get it to a near perfect state.

With all of the metal work done, its now to open a new chapter.

Stay tuned for more updates

Freeway spotting!

Another great project on its way for completion. I saw this on the I-10 frwy 900 am. Good luck to the owner and I hope to see it on the road soon. 1946-48 Chevy.