Glenn Miller - At Last!


HAMB Drags 07 Nailhead Coupe

Mokan Drag Strip. You cant get any better coverage than this. The Buick lost this race, but took the next against the Tri-five Chevy.


HAMB Drags...check out what your missing

The HAMB, one of the most Traditional Hot Rod sites on the internet, puts on a great drag weekend. Check this out HERE and click here for more reading and pictures. One day I'll make it myself.


A Perfect "Traditional Model A Coupe!"

Im browsing the H.A.M.B. and I find this absolute beauty posted. "Nobodys Hero" is his screen name and my eye catches another "31' Coupe Picts" thread.

I was floored to what I was seeing. Hands down!, This is a perfect example of a "Traditional Built" hot rod. Just look at the stance, color combination, motor and last but not least the quick change rear.

The work is absolutely stunning and I'm stunned myself on the specifics of the build and parts that went into creating such a beauty. It takes determination and love to start with nothing to achieve such a perfect example of "the way it used to be."

Many of the Forum members asked him to emphasize how he built the car and this is what he said:

"Yeah there Fenton heads with a Fenton 2x2 intake. It took me about 2 years to gather all the parts and to build it, i found all the parts at swap meets, and from a few friends. I built the car with some help from my father neither of us are mechanics or car builders. I basically built the car with a chop saw and a 4 inch grinder. I fabricated the steering blister myself using an old tail light bucket and a piece of flat stock.i had a machine shope weld early ford splines onto the box to use a ford pitman arm I built it to look like an old circle track car, so it sits on top of am A frame z'd 13" in the back, Just enough to let the top of the wheel sit at the reveal. I built the headlight bar out of a 32 and an A bar, ummmm lets see what else........ladder bars are built out of ford radius rods, 1" tubing. I found the shell in a friends garage and he was willing to sell it. Theres a round T tank in the trunk along with a ful floor, battery etc.

It's rides like these that really make a statement and emphasize how our "sport/hobby" really was. It's always harder to build it traditional, it's easy to open your wallet and buy it off the shelf.

"Nobodys Hero", Great job! It's definitely 'Vintage Metal' material.


You can read more about it HERE, or post your comments on VM for a newer discussion.


Another Pioneer Lost!

Another great pioneer to the 'sport' of speed has been lost yesterday; Barney Navarro - the creater of Navarro heads and speed equipment for the great Ford Flathead motor. The 'lust' for speed and record breaking were definitely on his mind.

Yesterday, Mr. Navarro got into his golder roadster to pass through the pearly gates.

I tip my hat to you. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.


Latest VM Project Completed

The latest Vintage Metal project completed. new rockers, new quarters and major body work. She screams racing doesn't she! Put a 54 on the doors and go!