Glenn Miller - At Last!


Treasure (part 8)

Yep, the whole thing (body) in the bed of my truck, do you believe it?. This is something I do traditionally. A picture in front of the best burger joint ever; In-N-Out...and a double double for the ride.

Treasure (part 7)

Heading home. Its 1130 pm...ldid I say that it's still hot....OMG!

Treasure (part 6)

Here she is. 1929 Model A Coupe. In much better condition than I expected. Sure she needs a little more love, but her new owner feels like he's got a brand new car. Thank you to my pal 'spike
for the opportunity and patience during the purchase process. I'm sure your asking about more build does a 265 SBC with a screaming set of triple deuces, 39 Ford trans and 40 banjo rear sound? 3.54 ring gear, 37 long rear bones, split 40 ford front bones and a 4" dropped axle. :)

Treasures (part 5)

Feel the experience!

Treasure (part 4)

Just stopped in the city if Tonopah yo gas up. Gasoline is $4.37 a gal gere. Not much relief from the California gouging. Its a cool little town with the only the simple things like this local place - 'The Tonopah Family Restaurant'. As for a weather update, its definitely cooler by at least 10 - 15 degrees.

Treasures (part 3)

Isnt Arizona grand 75 MPH. So its true, it is a 'Go Fast' state.

Treasures (part 3)

Arizona! God bless the sailors of the mighty Battleship!

Tresures (part 2)

Vintage Metal is based in San Berdoo, So. Cal. Its pretty boring when you have a 5 hour road trip, some unknown station on the radio, and lots of time to daydeam your way into another Hot Rod. The new find, the 29 coupe, is in Pheonix Arizona. 115 dergree temperrtures and a boatload of dirt. To pass the time, why not share some of the ideas that have already materialized. The car will get a nice dropped axle, banjo rear, 8.20 rear tires and 5.50 fronts; bias ply's of course.

Why tell more...stay tuned for more updates. Drive On!

Travels for that new treasure

The things we do for the ultimate 'ride'. Im enroute to pick up my latest find. 1929 Model A coupe. Since selling my 31 coupe, its been a long journey to find another. I will be updating the 'Vintage Metalers' throughout the trip. Its 100 degrees with no air...determined to reach the prize.


Gene Winfield

Gene Winfield, to some, they would call the master crafter of cars.

This is one of those pictures that make you wonder about all the activity going on.

Take that Merc Winfield is working on, the perfect custom. The fade-aways down the length of the car, the perfect chop, nosed, decked, shaved door handles. Im guessing he is welding up the cowl vent to finish it off for a customer. Maybe a work in progress, a customer is back after payday to get one more thing done; until next time.

Could you imagine if a body guy today was to stand on the hood of your car to fix the cowl area... pffft. Yeah right. "uh, could you change the hood too while your at it! "

A stunning shot...painted or not...

What else do you see?

The most amazing 32 Roadster!

One of my favorite images, a Deuce towing a track roadster.

I am not one to get excited, jump up and down and point in amazement. Since seeing this car, I have always favored the 32 roadster and its body lines. This one is one of the few that I really love. If you ask me, it's the perfect image of a Traditional Hot Rod.

When staring at the picture you can only wonder what color the body is. With your imagination, lift the hood and see what's powering this beautiful beast.

As for the roadster top and side curtains....WOW!

Sit in it, and push the starter button, step on the gas and lift the feel the road under your seat.