Glenn Miller - At Last!


Took her in the road after a 2 year build, still not done, but ready for the road

See the picture of the car when I got it. It was rough, but no room for enjoyment. The seats were blown out, lots of rust....Im very proud of the final result. A little fine tuning and she'll be ready for the road.


For Sale: Custom 1957 Ford Truck!

For Sale. This truck was running. Has a 390 FE engine with auto trans. Front is clipped with a Lincoln, rear is disk brake with chevy trailing arms. Rear is bagged. Custom tailgate to match bed, Chrysler Cordoba front turn signals and custom taillights. Roof is chopped with all glass replaced. Even the vent wings open up.

Truck was channed but never finished so it needs floor and steering wheel hooked back up.

Email me at if interested.

$3500 or Trade

Clipping a 1957 Chevy Truck