Glenn Miller - At Last!


Pinups for Vets!

I met the owner of this project at a car show today and she (Gina Elise)has really impressed me! Her love of vintage things and putting that to help our wonderful Veterans is awesome. She gets a huge Salute from me!

Her website:

Support her, Support the Vets!

5th Wheel Driving!

All I can say is 'WOW'!


1949 Ford Shoebox Project

Newly shaped and Installed rear roof section for passenger side! I cant wait for the owner to see these!


1949 Ford Shoebox Project

With the rear window in place, we are starting at the trunk area to start the flow of the roof. Its already starting to look great!


Chopped 1950 Ford

1949 Ford Shoebox Project

Rear window is in place. We have 9" from the decklid to the bottom of the window. Importantly, the roof flows nicely from the front to the back! No more 'Wedge' look!