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Rebel Wire Kits, USA Made!

Are you looking for an easy wiring kit that you can install? Are you looking for quality? Are you looking for a USA made product?

Rebel Wire is it! I have installed many of these kits in cars dating from 1920 thru 1960 and If you have a basic knowledge of auto electrics, this kit installs very easily. Each wire is labeled and terminated cleanly. The fuse block is an 4-fuse unit that has interlocking capabilities. What is meant by this is? If you order an 8 fuse kit and you find that that is not enough protection needed, you can order another 4 fuse unit and snap/lock it in place (to the already installed kit,) pull your new wires, terminate and go. Although, Rebel wire does not sell pre-wired 4 fuse kits normally; but im certain for an additional cost, a custom application can be created to your needs to snap right in as well.

Speaking of custom applications, 6v kits can be special made with the correct wire gauge size. I have personnaly installed these to some early Fords. If your a die hard 'traditionalist' like me, Its a nice upgrade to the old system. These days, why go 12v when you can stick with the original 6v.

Included with each kit is an easy to read set of installation instructions, a grommet for the firewall or penetration point, extra wire for your alternator and a fuse block legend to stick in your glove box or glue in place.

Wiring a whole car is not the easiest of things to accomplish, but with Rebel Wire kits, they make it as simple as possible if your willing to take your time and ask questions when needed.

Products available are 20, 9+3, 8 fuse Circuit kits, 700R4/200R4 Lock Up kits, Grounding kits, Gauge kits, Grounding straps and lots more.

Vintage Metal is a distributor for Rebel Wire on the West coast; So. California area. If your looking to try it out, buy bulk for your small Rod Shop; email me and Ill send my phone number to you. I would be glad to help. Order through Vintage Metal and get an additional 10% off on each part ordered!

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