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Flyers Hot Rod Board

I came across this great Forums today, by recommendation of a friend of mine.

Its called the "Flyers Hot Rod Board". If you eat, breath and crap Traditional Hot Rods and what they were truly about, you need to sign up and add to it.

It's new and upcomming with new people pouring in each day. Some of the current threads are a great indication that this forums is going to grow into something sweet some day.

One of the threads featured breathless pictures from the BoB Giovanine Collection. Awe inspiring and way cool!

If this doesn't inspire you to go back out to the garage and continue working on your Hot Rod, I dont know what will.

Look for this place to explode in the coming year.

Ben Bernie Band Bus

I really like Art Deco cars and era specific items. I found a link to this video on a new forums called the Flyers Hot Rod Board.

The lines and design of the bus are really neat. You can tell they were going for a fast, aerodynamic look of the times.

I wonder if the wing really provided function to its fast speed.

Watch on!


Henry Ford, Tomas Edison, Harvey Firestone footage...

You just have to watch this video...Henry Ford and Friends.

Life was so simple then...

Ford Model T and Henry Ford

I was browsing You Tube again and ran into this cool Model T video and Henry Ford. I have always enjoyed the cars, but never took the plunge into owning one. Im so intreagued by the construction and engineering of the vehicles of those times. Henry Ford was doing it right. Those were the good ole' days.

Not sure if it was a promo at one time, but check out the ruggedness of the car and the hills it's driving off of. I wouldn't do it in a modern car.