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Another 1960 Starliner Find!

I was browsing another website to find one of its members picked up this jewel of a car. 1960 Ford Starliners are one of my favorite 'bubble top' cars of that era. The lines and flowing body panels make this car stand out from the rest of them.

Its absolutely stunning in the condition that it is in. They are still out there, you just have to keep looking!

This is what the new owner wrote: "Here is my 60 Starliner fresh out of the pasture. 68k original miles with almost no rust. Original paint and interior. She runs perfect and the radio still works. I'm the third owner and was lucky to get the orginal title.."

Looking at the pictures below, See what you can do with one of these beauties; way to go 'Kirk!'. He shows that he's got a keen eye to detail and color combinations.

I absolutely love the color of the blue used on this car. The fade-a-ways are perfectly blended; just like Larry Watson did back in the day. The chrome steelies with the painted centers to match the car, stand out light enough to accent the rest of the bottom edge, stainless trim and full bumpers front and back. The clean white outlines along the perimeter of the side panels and hood offset the blue color between each panel enhancing each of the factory lines.

This is a wonderful example of a late 50's early 60's custom. It could fit nicely in the background of our favorite movie 'American Grafiti'.

Absolutely Stunning!

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