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WW2 Hero - Normandy and a Frenchman

This is a bit off topic from the usual posts about cars. If you dont know already, I'm a huge WW2 fanatic and I cherish the ways of that era that have since long left us in this current crazy world.

If I can share a little of my own feelings; I am a previous US Navy Veteran. I feel that today, we as Veterans and current Active Duty Military get the short end of the stick. I feel people who never served will ever truly understand the comroderie of the Military Man/Woman and the mission that they upheld while they served. The true patriotism and honor felt while putting on the uniform each day as we did. This video is the first that I have ever seen or heard in my entire life of a French citizen show thier gratefulness of our sacrifices that we made for them so that they could live free, just as we do each day. I was completely blow away while watching this. I was moved by this persons passion to do what he did. I truly believe that he does this to each and every serviceman/woman who committed thier life in this time to make sucessful the mission our Allied Forces in 1945 partook matter the cost. Im certain General Eisenhower looks down with a big smile; knowing the decision he made, was the right one.

Continuing; I ran into this You Tube video about a returning US Army 101st Ariborne Veteran to the beaches of Normandy and the Memorial. While walking throughtout the cemetary, he and his family run into a Frenchman who begins shared his undying thankfulness for what the American had done.

His passion for what the Allied Forces did in that time seemed endless. For me, that said it all. Watch on!

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im a 53 yr old biker. as harda$$ as they come and i cried