Glenn Miller - At Last!


Don Hampton Hot Rod Stolen!!!!

Damn...another stolen Hot Rod. It belongs to Don Hampton of Hampton Blowers here in So. Cal.

No one deserves this and those who did it, I hope they pay dearly for thier deeds.

Check out here -


Movies from the past!

Here is a cool movie that was posted in the Jalopy Journal that I found just awesome. It shows the hot rods of the past and how they were actually built.

The only difference is, they were much cheaper back then.

Sit back and enjoy. I know I did.


Veterans Day

Dont forget, today is Veterans Day. If you know a Veteran, see one on the street, or while having coffee, tell them thanks for what they have done! I am a Veteran of the US Navy (1989-1997) and very proud of it! I want to personnally salute each and every one of them...Thank you for the Freedom that I have the priveldge to live each and every day in this great country of ours... And a huge thank you for the sacrifice(s) made each and every day for me. Think about that...for you, and for me, for each and every one of us.

If these videos dont make you shed a tear and make your hearts warm over, then please...check yourself. Without these brave men and women, the USA would not be what it is today. I am so proud to be an American.

I was watching the 3rd video and my beautiful daughter asked what it was. I couldn't help not to cry like a child trying to explain to her about it. I ate my throat.

SALUTE!!!! to all Veterans out there and God Bless you all!

Here is a list of a few in my family who have served:

Father: USMC: 1974 - 1982
Uncle Claude: USMC: 1972 - 1980
Grandpappy Taylor: US Army - Korean War
Grandfather Pratt: US Army - Sniper - WWII - Normandy Landings - Utah Beach 1st wave. Sgt.
Auntie Joyce: US Navy - 1980- 2000 - 20 Years (Retired)
Brother In Law Nap: US Army - 1998 - 2002 - 82nd Airborne
Brother in Law Val: US Army - Rangers/Special Forces - Afganistan - (Right Now)
Cousin Smith: US Navy (MP) - 2006 - 2010 (Stabbed one time and almost blew up by I.E.D. in Hummer in Iraq - Lost 4 buddies. Medical Discharge/Disabled)

"The Hot Rod Story" Part 1

I found this cool video about Hot Rodding in its early years. Please watch and enjoy! I will continue to post watch for them!


A nice original Ford survivor

Original Survivor on the I605 Freeway going north, just past Whittier, California.


Wally Parks - A legend, our Forefather...You will be missed.

WALLY PARKS, our forefather and founder of our great hobby has passed. This has been a bad year for those who founded and set the standards that we live by today. Im not going to get into massive details so read on and search to learn more about him.

Next time your in the garage, tip your wrench to the sky in his honor.

Club: Road Runners

There is no hot rod organization or piece of major history that Wally Parks has not been involved in. He has been named Man of the Decade (1962-1972); Man of The Year by SEMA; received the prestigious Robert Petersen Life Time Achievement Award and practically every other award in the automotive industry.
In his teens in the mid 30’s, Wally soon had himself a Model T that he souped up and used on the streets. A trip to Muroc Dry Lakes convinced him that hot rodding was the only way forward. As a member of the Road Runners Club, Wally was instrumental in organizing the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) in 1937, an organization that is going strong today.
In 1947 Wally helped Robert Petersen start Hot Rod Magazine, becoming its first editor and later editorial director of all 5 Petersen automotive magazines. The magazine was influential in legitimizing hot rodding to an audience across the country.
Due to the bad publicity hot rodding was getting in the press, primarily because of street racing, Wally, along with pioneers Petersen and Ak Miller, Eric Rickman et al, formed the National Hot Rod Association. Through their Safety Safari, Wally and the crew set out across country promoting the new sport of drag racing. They would hold meetings with local officials and police and promote the use of disused air strips as a way of getting hot rodders off the street. Today the NHRA is the world’s largest motorsports governing body.
Wally Parks was also instrumental in opening up Bonneville Salt Flats to hot rodders in 1949. Today hot rod enthusiasts still enjoy racing there.
It goes without saying that without Wally Parks hot rodding and drag racing would be a very different sport than it is today.


Are you serious?

A 34 Roadster for $7500 bucks? Am I losing it here or is the price going up even on heap's? If this sells, its the only sign that anything can be sold on Ebay.
Here is the link: 1934 Roadster/Cabriolet

Looking for work to be done?

Need help with your project for less money than regular shop rates? Got a budget?

I can help make your dreams (your ride) come true.

Im in the San Bernardino area and Im offering my services to do any type of metal work: patch repair, frenching, shaving, nosing, decking, etc, etc. I have done all types of modifications and custom work on all types of cars. (see previous posts of some HAMB Techs that I have done). Body work...etc. etc.

I install various wiring kits, wiring repair and other electrical work.

I have most machines to do the needed work/fabrication. Mig/Tig, Tubing bender )(1 1/2 right now), shrinker/stretcher, bead rollers, English Wheel etc, etc.

You can contact me via email at with your number and Ill call you back. If you need me to see your ride, I can come out and take a look at it and quote you a price.
Let me help you!


4 banger thats moving

Would you believe this is a flathead 4 banger. Way cool!


One sweet sounding banger. MOdel A w/ dual carbs. Nice.



HAMB Drags 07 Nailhead Coupe

Mokan Drag Strip. You cant get any better coverage than this. The Buick lost this race, but took the next against the Tri-five Chevy.


HAMB Drags...check out what your missing

The HAMB, one of the most Traditional Hot Rod sites on the internet, puts on a great drag weekend. Check this out HERE and click here for more reading and pictures. One day I'll make it myself.


A Perfect "Traditional Model A Coupe!"

Im browsing the H.A.M.B. and I find this absolute beauty posted. "Nobodys Hero" is his screen name and my eye catches another "31' Coupe Picts" thread.

I was floored to what I was seeing. Hands down!, This is a perfect example of a "Traditional Built" hot rod. Just look at the stance, color combination, motor and last but not least the quick change rear.

The work is absolutely stunning and I'm stunned myself on the specifics of the build and parts that went into creating such a beauty. It takes determination and love to start with nothing to achieve such a perfect example of "the way it used to be."

Many of the Forum members asked him to emphasize how he built the car and this is what he said:

"Yeah there Fenton heads with a Fenton 2x2 intake. It took me about 2 years to gather all the parts and to build it, i found all the parts at swap meets, and from a few friends. I built the car with some help from my father neither of us are mechanics or car builders. I basically built the car with a chop saw and a 4 inch grinder. I fabricated the steering blister myself using an old tail light bucket and a piece of flat stock.i had a machine shope weld early ford splines onto the box to use a ford pitman arm I built it to look like an old circle track car, so it sits on top of am A frame z'd 13" in the back, Just enough to let the top of the wheel sit at the reveal. I built the headlight bar out of a 32 and an A bar, ummmm lets see what else........ladder bars are built out of ford radius rods, 1" tubing. I found the shell in a friends garage and he was willing to sell it. Theres a round T tank in the trunk along with a ful floor, battery etc.

It's rides like these that really make a statement and emphasize how our "sport/hobby" really was. It's always harder to build it traditional, it's easy to open your wallet and buy it off the shelf.

"Nobodys Hero", Great job! It's definitely 'Vintage Metal' material.


You can read more about it HERE, or post your comments on VM for a newer discussion.


Another Pioneer Lost!

Another great pioneer to the 'sport' of speed has been lost yesterday; Barney Navarro - the creater of Navarro heads and speed equipment for the great Ford Flathead motor. The 'lust' for speed and record breaking were definitely on his mind.

Yesterday, Mr. Navarro got into his golder roadster to pass through the pearly gates.

I tip my hat to you. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.


Latest VM Project Completed

The latest Vintage Metal project completed. new rockers, new quarters and major body work. She screams racing doesn't she! Put a 54 on the doors and go!


50 Years Later - Tulsa, Oklahoma Time Capsule Opening

It looks grim, but after 50 years, the 57 Plymouth Belvedere is finally being pulled from its earthly grave.
Tonight will be the unveiling and the mystery will finally be solved.
How will she look after the cover is lifted?
Read more here: The Car Connection

Model T Speedster - First Run

I'm browsing through one of my favorite websites; The Jalopy Journal and the article posted today is this cool Model T speedster. Built himself, FurBiscuit (HAMB Name) accomplishes what most wish they could put together. Utilizing original parts, Hand-built body and lots of determination...he pulls it off. This car is freaking awesome!

FurBiscuit posts: " for the late night prowlers and insominaics out there, 3 weeks of midnight oil (and a one week brake to fly to NYC) i got the speedster going with the new body. So last saturday rolls around and I finally get it running at 1500 (tech inspection for the endurance run stops at 1530, but they wait around)quick test run, indicated that the ebrake had stuck kinda on...due to the ensuing brake fire. get that and a small radiator leak fix. load the T up (that would be with a change of clothes, battery charger, and tools: not on a trailer) and drive down to Santa Clara leaving at about 1700 I arrive about an hour later. make it through Tech and finally stop and take a breather and a hot shower. After working on the car in the hotel parking lot.Sunday the run starts and goes well with a drive from Santa Clara to Half Moon Bay via Mt. Hamilton and some amazinig roads (no pictures sorry) and back to Santa Clara. Red Beard did the naviguessing duties exceptionally well, and he didn't seem to complain to much...but it is hard to hear anything above that 4" pipe. Annika took a bunch of pics at the start and the finish, but I didn't take a singe one. My cell died so I had to make an emergency run back home, so i packed the T up and drove home. I was a little tired and annoyed by being constantly chopped and cut off by annoying drivers, so I let the T stretch its legs for a while...the guy chasing me said I dissappeared (he was towing a trailer and backed off at 70) so I'd guess I was scooting down the road at about 75 or so, it would be a guess, but i was passing most of the traffic at that point, so it could be closer to 80. (now to bump the compression up from 45 psi static.) Sunday was fun, all together I put on about 250 miles of driving. man it felt great."

See/Read more about what people are saying on the HAMB


Vietnam Memorial 'travelling' Wall

More pictures of the wall

The Vietnam Memorial 'travelling' wall

An unbelievable display, the roaming Vietnam Memorial Wall. Today at the Soboba Casino, and all weekend. Salute to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Future Custom?

Someone's new project. Clean and innocent, waitng for some custom modifications. Believe me, i grin when I say that! What would you do?


Early Windfield Head

Early Cast iron Winfield head...possible for my banger project. Any info on this?

Another cool find!

I'm digging through my buddies cool find. Early Edmunds Custom finned head for a flathead motor.


Slingshot Find !!! Part 1

My friend has a nice extensive "Museum like" collection of Model A and T parts, passed down by his father.

Over the weekend, My buddy and I cruise over to my friends's place to check out some Model T roadster stanctions to adapt to a 1923 Flint Cowl/modified body. Were tripping over parts and found in the corner of the attic is this aluminum intake that was assumed used for a Lincoln Flathead motor; using what looked like an early 4bbl Carburator. Out of curiosity, we pull it out to find it had raised script Edelbrock lettering and it was smaller (in size) than anticipated. Noticing it was for a flathead motor, the light flicked on excitement came all over us realizing what was in our hands; an Early Edelbrock Slingshot manifold missing the bolt on "Y" adapter. For the next 30 minutes, we scurried about trying to locate the missing piece with no success.

Were going to keeplooking for the top piece on another date. I'll keep you updated on the hunt to making this complete.

I attached a picture of the original Edelbrock Slingshot manifold....


Original still cool...and a Fordor too!

1949 Ford Fordor. I like it. Plain, original and cool. I would drive it!


1933 Ford Commercial headlights. Similar to 32' Passenger cars. Most widely used set of lights because they are shallow in the back and fit snug on the fenders. A nice "custom" treatment.

Local Car Show Coverage

When I'm out and about at these car shows, I like to post a few pictures of my favorite cars. A 1933 Ford Sedan, with 103,000 miles on it within the past 6 years.

1929 Ford Roadster - A true Survivor - Part II

10-26-47, 108.69 mph. 1/4 mi. 8.28 seconds. El Mirage.

1929 Ford Roadster - A true Survivor - Part I

Local car show today. A neat roadster built and raced in the 40's. The next picture (above) of actual timing tag from 10-26-47; at Mirage. It sports a buildt 59AB flathead motor, dual carbs, stock V8 Banjo with 3:78 gears. Big and littles and 16" wires.


Hot Rod Race

A cool video I stumbled upon dedicated to the late Ed Roth. As people would say; "Gnarly!" The artwork alone is great. I hope you enjoy this!


1927 Ford Roadster

Spindle mounts and straight axle

1927 Ford Roadster

"Mike's Early Iron" - I really dig on the cent symbol on the door.

1927 Ford Roadster

1927 Ford Roadster

I have always liked the old vintage race cars, especially drag racers. This belongs to a good friend of mine who has been building flathead motors, even before they were a trend. He is a real Hero in my book. Check out this "Home made" Hilborn injection sitting on top of this mean flathead motor. If only our cars could talk, I'm sure this steel 27' Roadster could tell stories, that we only dream about.


28 Model A update

1938 Super Deluxe dash in my 28 Sports Coupe. A merge of 10 years of design. I'm happy with the pre-finished product. Comments are welcome. Keep an eye out here on Vintage Metal for more updates.

P.S.: I am looking for a glove box clock and handle. Email me at if you can help me out.


'The Lot' 2nd Issue is HERE!

Brand New and hot off the presses. 2nd issue of "The Lot" magazine and T-shirt. Right now for a limited time, you can get all three for $20 + shipping $4.95.

Thats issue No. 1 & 2 and 1 shirt of yot choice.

VM has shirts for both Men (black and tan) and Women. (black and green)

-$15 each or (2) for $25 + shipping.

Email to:



Banger Oiling System

Question: with this hole/oil return in the front of the block, does it affect the oiling to the lifters

Answer: Oil comes up the shaft in the centre of your picture and flows forward through the "cast in" pipe in the block to the front of the valve chamber of the block. The A pump can provide good pressure (about 100 psi) and , because it is not capped, delivers a good volume of oil for lubrication and cooling purposes. I have read that it is about one gallon per minute.
The engine sits at about 3 degrees incline. Oil flows forward over the dam wall on to the timing gear and back along the valve chamber where it gravity feeds to mains and cam bearings with about 1 and 1/2 inches of oil in this "header tank" with about seven inches of head pressure to the main bearings (this equates to roughly 3 psi ).
The centre main feed oil tube can be seen just near valve 4 boss. Excess to needs oil flows back to the block via the external oil return tube.
FWIW...Very early blocks (about 1200 of them) had two cast in oil pipes emanating from the oil pump shaft but this was quickly discontinued. These 1927 blocks had no oil return pipe feed from the valve chamber cover back to the side of the block.
The oil supply dam located on the side of the block has good and bad points. The good side is that the engine has a reliable supply of oil available for the mains bearings on start up ":O).
The bad side is that you always have some dirty oil remaining when you change oil ":O

28 Dodge belonging to a good friend: 52Merc on HAMB. It's powered by 364 Nailhead, 39 Ford front end, 8" rear end. Whay makes this panel unique, it was originally a coupe with no decklid. A farm "truck" that moved hay around in it's decklid-less trunk. This is a superb example of taking what could have "never been" into a desireable piece of work. The car was built in Wisconsin.


Ford Model A Cam Nut Removal Tool

New addition to Vintage Metal products. Ford Model A/B cam nut removal tool. Only $15 each. Paypal to Other inquires to


test - A new feature has been Added! On the fly updates. I can now update Vintage Metal with "on the spot" picture taking or real time show coverages. Keep an eye out for new stuff, Pictures and info/ideas to come.


1927 RPU - Update

Last month I posted an awesome 27 RPU project in the works:

Here is more info on that project:

Owner Chris: "I am honored you like my car enough to put it on your website. I freshened up a stock motor with a hone and lapp job. Winfield cam with adjustable lifters. Aluminum timing gear. The babbits seemed fine, and I hope the hi-comp head isn't too much for them for a while. Wico mag, Anson intake with a Stromberg. And a vintage exhaust manifold. The new exhaust manifolds look all wrong to me. Stock trans and stock rear. I plan to run 17" motor wheel and rim (look like kelseys) wire wheels. Here's a mock-up pic before the sandblast and metal work begun. "

Keep us posted Chris; Ill post more as it shows.


2007 Grand National Roadster Show

I know this is past due, and maybe you have seen all the pictures from the show. There were a bunch of great looking rides.

Brought to you by Hiway 7.


Another great video on Pinstriping.

I have always been fascinated with the talent these guys have.


Check it out!

Pinstriping w/ Dave

I found this on

Dave...not sure who he is, but his technique and "eye" is pretty good.

I have alot of respect for those who can make a cool piece of "art" with a bunch of squiggly lines.

Looks easy eh?

Now go try it!


32 Ford Dragging its rear bumper

Pretty amazing... Lets take a break from Flatheads and Bangerss....

Dennis Wile puts it on the bumper at Irwindale in his 1932 Ford. All steel, stock frame/suspension and SBC powered with alot left!


Another Great Build

Another great build. It cant get any better than this.

The current owner, in London, UK, has perfectly captured the 'Old Past' Traditional flavor that started the hobby we love so much. The stance, wheels, color and headlight position give the car a "self starting, lets meet the rubber to the road" attitude.

Under the name '4ever4' on the Jalopy Journal, He shows that early Fords dont have to be ground scraping, body channeled rides to look better than the rest.

A brief of what I can see: Stock suspension, uncut bones, Juice brakes, built 4-banger motor with dual 97's on top of a 'Burns' intake, Windfield head, Mag Distributor and stock tranny.

Buddy, you did it. Congratulations!



Model T Build

Its really great to see people are jumping on the bandwagon of the early vintage iron.

Believe me, It doesnt take much to build a chopped, channeled, modified coupe, roadster or RPU. Taking an almost 100 year old body, patching it up back to stock, takes alot of patience, searching and determination.

The vision is clear, Early 40's style Hot Rod, utilizing early 4 banger technology, down draft carburator (97), Magneto, V8 Water pump conversion and the ever so loved Winfield head.

Im in love.

Im hoping to get more info on this ride to make a full feature of its build. Keep an eye out on VM for more updates.

Post a comment here to push the builder along...


Lead Work Part 3

What better way to learn how to lead, than to see it happen. Watch the "leadslinger" himself throw some down w/ Barris in the background.


Bill Hines moving Lead


28-29 Sports Coupe Project

I finally got rid of my "roach" 56 Mercury (a deal gone bad), and made room for my 28-29 Sports coupe that will be turned into a Cabriolet. I have been waiting on getting my chassis over from a buddies house and friday, at my suprise, it rolled up on a trailer and got dropped off.I felt like a kid in a candy store. I have had the body for some time but had been gathering parts to start this build on the right foot. With the Shoebox welded up solid, running good, nothing much is left but body work and glass. I thought I would break up the minotny of the same routine in the garage with something new, so here she is.

Not much to tell, she will be as traditional as I can keep it (except the magnum or superbell dropped axle ). It will have a small kick up on the frame in the rear (Tardell Style) powered by a Banger motor, dual 97's, 39 trans, Stock rear and 16" wires, 7.00 rear tires, 5.00 motorcyle fronts. The windshield is basically like you see it (maybe an inch higher).I have a buddy helping me out, got the subframe and cowl sand blasted.So much is in the planning stages that I want to do, but Illl keep them details to myself, until I can develp pictures after the work is completed.

Ill post picts of the progress as I go along.


Traditional At Its Finest

Check out these before and after pictues of this chopped, channeled custom 28-29 Roadster. It captures all the aspects of a traditional roadster back in the day. Its like looking at old photos from the "Oakland Roadster Show" days.
I really love the lead treatment on this thing. Check out the cowl sides and rear wheel wells, both have been filled. The exhaust, with flathead ford oil canisters for the baffles. Chrome all over everything. Even the generator was kept and chromed for a nice final finish in the engine bay.
This roadster sports a 50 Olds motor, Early Mercury dash, chopped down 32 grill and cool satin white paint.
Im willing to bet, it will make a feature shot in our well known magazines....You'll see. I would be dissapointed if it didnt.
Read more about this ride on The Jalopy Journal; HAMB. Its a great heart gripping story.
Read on here: Roadster Story