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1927 RPU - Update

Last month I posted an awesome 27 RPU project in the works:

Here is more info on that project:

Owner Chris: "I am honored you like my car enough to put it on your website. I freshened up a stock motor with a hone and lapp job. Winfield cam with adjustable lifters. Aluminum timing gear. The babbits seemed fine, and I hope the hi-comp head isn't too much for them for a while. Wico mag, Anson intake with a Stromberg. And a vintage exhaust manifold. The new exhaust manifolds look all wrong to me. Stock trans and stock rear. I plan to run 17" motor wheel and rim (look like kelseys) wire wheels. Here's a mock-up pic before the sandblast and metal work begun. "

Keep us posted Chris; Ill post more as it shows.

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