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Model T Speedster - First Run

I'm browsing through one of my favorite websites; The Jalopy Journal and the article posted today is this cool Model T speedster. Built himself, FurBiscuit (HAMB Name) accomplishes what most wish they could put together. Utilizing original parts, Hand-built body and lots of determination...he pulls it off. This car is freaking awesome!

FurBiscuit posts: " for the late night prowlers and insominaics out there, 3 weeks of midnight oil (and a one week brake to fly to NYC) i got the speedster going with the new body. So last saturday rolls around and I finally get it running at 1500 (tech inspection for the endurance run stops at 1530, but they wait around)quick test run, indicated that the ebrake had stuck kinda on...due to the ensuing brake fire. get that and a small radiator leak fix. load the T up (that would be with a change of clothes, battery charger, and tools: not on a trailer) and drive down to Santa Clara leaving at about 1700 I arrive about an hour later. make it through Tech and finally stop and take a breather and a hot shower. After working on the car in the hotel parking lot.Sunday the run starts and goes well with a drive from Santa Clara to Half Moon Bay via Mt. Hamilton and some amazinig roads (no pictures sorry) and back to Santa Clara. Red Beard did the naviguessing duties exceptionally well, and he didn't seem to complain to much...but it is hard to hear anything above that 4" pipe. Annika took a bunch of pics at the start and the finish, but I didn't take a singe one. My cell died so I had to make an emergency run back home, so i packed the T up and drove home. I was a little tired and annoyed by being constantly chopped and cut off by annoying drivers, so I let the T stretch its legs for a while...the guy chasing me said I dissappeared (he was towing a trailer and backed off at 70) so I'd guess I was scooting down the road at about 75 or so, it would be a guess, but i was passing most of the traffic at that point, so it could be closer to 80. (now to bump the compression up from 45 psi static.) Sunday was fun, all together I put on about 250 miles of driving. man it felt great."

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