Glenn Miller - At Last!


Looking for work to be done?

Need help with your project for less money than regular shop rates? Got a budget?

I can help make your dreams (your ride) come true.

Im in the San Bernardino area and Im offering my services to do any type of metal work: patch repair, frenching, shaving, nosing, decking, etc, etc. I have done all types of modifications and custom work on all types of cars. (see previous posts of some HAMB Techs that I have done). Body work...etc. etc.

I install various wiring kits, wiring repair and other electrical work.

I have most machines to do the needed work/fabrication. Mig/Tig, Tubing bender )(1 1/2 right now), shrinker/stretcher, bead rollers, English Wheel etc, etc.

You can contact me via email at with your number and Ill call you back. If you need me to see your ride, I can come out and take a look at it and quote you a price.
Let me help you!

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