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Traditional At Its Finest

Check out these before and after pictues of this chopped, channeled custom 28-29 Roadster. It captures all the aspects of a traditional roadster back in the day. Its like looking at old photos from the "Oakland Roadster Show" days.
I really love the lead treatment on this thing. Check out the cowl sides and rear wheel wells, both have been filled. The exhaust, with flathead ford oil canisters for the baffles. Chrome all over everything. Even the generator was kept and chromed for a nice final finish in the engine bay.
This roadster sports a 50 Olds motor, Early Mercury dash, chopped down 32 grill and cool satin white paint.
Im willing to bet, it will make a feature shot in our well known magazines....You'll see. I would be dissapointed if it didnt.
Read more about this ride on The Jalopy Journal; HAMB. Its a great heart gripping story.
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