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28-29 Sports Coupe Project

I finally got rid of my "roach" 56 Mercury (a deal gone bad), and made room for my 28-29 Sports coupe that will be turned into a Cabriolet. I have been waiting on getting my chassis over from a buddies house and friday, at my suprise, it rolled up on a trailer and got dropped off.I felt like a kid in a candy store. I have had the body for some time but had been gathering parts to start this build on the right foot. With the Shoebox welded up solid, running good, nothing much is left but body work and glass. I thought I would break up the minotny of the same routine in the garage with something new, so here she is.

Not much to tell, she will be as traditional as I can keep it (except the magnum or superbell dropped axle ). It will have a small kick up on the frame in the rear (Tardell Style) powered by a Banger motor, dual 97's, 39 trans, Stock rear and 16" wires, 7.00 rear tires, 5.00 motorcyle fronts. The windshield is basically like you see it (maybe an inch higher).I have a buddy helping me out, got the subframe and cowl sand blasted.So much is in the planning stages that I want to do, but Illl keep them details to myself, until I can develp pictures after the work is completed.

Ill post picts of the progress as I go along.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work. Banger though? To each is own I guess. I would drop something in there worthy of a hill climb. Keep us posted.