Glenn Miller - At Last!


Tractors and BoatTail Speedsters

These cars can create a conversation of a thousand words. Check out the creative lines, single seat, Early track width designs that come from each car pictured.

It intreagues me tremendously because it screams everything 'Traditional'.

To keep them in the lines of "Tradition", these cars could be built on the 'cheap' utilizing the old farm tractor grills and hoods and the narrowing of beater rust bucket roadster and/or coupe bodies with boattail streamlining.

In a nutshell, I would stuff under the hood an early V8-60 flathead or Model A/B banger using original speed parts. Dual Stromberg 97's/94's, and a Model A or Early Ford 3-speed toploaders (Model A to 1939 Toploaders). Of course, dont forget an Early Ford Banjo Rear end and Early Ford juice brakes front/rear.

What do you think?

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