Glenn Miller - At Last!


L.A Roadster Show is Right Around the Corner!

UPDATE: June 18, 2009 Special thanks to one of my readers Bobby, It looks like there's been a change to the show program. Henry Winkler of 'Happy Days' will now be at the show. Ole' Fonzi will be onsite to give you a thumbs up.

If your in the area or NOT, you have to make this show. Not so traditional in some ways (street rods and such), but the parking lot is full of History, customs and "how they used to do it" Traditional cars.

One of the biggest shows of the year in the Southern California Area.

According to the flyer, this will be the first year suede rides will be allowed in the show area.

Hope to see you there!


bobbyb said...

Concerning the L.A. Roadster Show let

everyone know that Henry Winkler from

Happy Days, "Fonzie" will be there on

Saturday & Sunday. They just put it

up on their site.

Chopped50ford said...

I will do that, thanks for the Heads Up!