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Flip-Proofing A "Stock"

I got a spur to look up some information on Vintage racing. You know, the old "round-d-round" tracks. The pictures we all cringe at seeing those "stock cars" running in a circle banging into each other. 1932 through 1940 Ford coupes and sedans tearing it up, along with each other.

Ever think "Gee, wish I could have saved that one" or "Oh my gosh, what idiots, they are ruining a perfectly good car". I know I do sometimes, but as we all know, they were "old", cheap and plentiful in the day. Just like today, folks tear up modern cars the same way. Im not sure we'll look back in the same way, in comparison...its all junk in the "modern" day world.

Check out the article, I enjoyed the read...I hope you would agree.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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