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For Sale - 1959 Pontiac Star Chief

Got a 1 year only, Original Unmolested 1959 Pontiac Starchief, 2-door Post. 389 V8 and Hydromatic. Power brakes, Power steering car. If your looking for a boat with a long & large trunk area/decklid...this is it at a whopping 18' 3" long bumper to bumper.

Bumpers are in good condition and will polish up nicely.

This car has been stored indoors for the past 10 years. It has a few holes in the floors and trunk. Very solid car and complete with all the trim. I will be fixing most if not all of the holes in the car and trunk areas. I will also treat the floors and trunk with a rust inhibitor.

Motor turns over and fires. Has a brand new starter and solenoid, new battery, 2bbl carburator w/ rebuild kit, Distributor with new points, condenser, cap and rotor. The motor and transmission has very clean oil. I popped the valve covers and its got a thin film of sludge on it, but nothing to worry about. Original repainted 2bbl air cleaner. Power steering pump does not leak, lines look okay, but could use a replacement. Carb is fully rebuilt, now has new upper and lower radiator hoses, new power steering belt, new plugs, checked out the radiator - its a good solid, non-leaking unit.

Suspension is in great condition, nothing stuck, car rolls great. Goes through the gears nicely. I may drop the pan, change the gasket on the tranmission and inspect. Oil is very clean.

I am going to inspect the brakes and will report back on thier condition. The original Power brake booster has been removed (Work completed by Vintage Metal Garage) and a custom new brake booster with dual output master cylinder installed. Ill connect new lines to existing brake lines to make operational.

Interior has seen better days. Front seat is a mexican blanket away, backseat bottom has upholstery, but seat back is a bare spring.

I also have extra hard to find parts that will go with the car. Also have extra set of gauges, dash bezel, glove box doors and misc. pieces. All the trim for the car is in great shape.

This car has the hard to find Bonneville (long) tailight assemblies. They are in good condition.

Good windshield and Good rear back window.

I have started to strip the car of its trim to inspect everything and was going to start doing some body work on the car. There are 3 dents. Lower driver door, front driver fender and passenger quarter. For extra $$$, I can fix these sections and primer the whole car. Floors are now repaired in front and rear parts, new patches welded in, trunk floor repair is next

I will clean and wash the car and take better pictures in the daylight.

Drop it and make a cool Bellflower custom.


I would be willing to trade for 49-52 Chevy sedan/coupe/slant back...or ???.


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Anonymous said...

is this car still available ?
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