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"Rudy" Truck Project

The newest project in the Vintage Metal corral. 1941 Ford pickup truck. Its been lowered in the front and dropped in the rear. It sports a small block Chevy for a power plant with an automatic transmission. Heh, I think its a 350 trans, but not quite sure. Maybe the owner will chime in and let us know.

Some of the things its getting done are; new firewall, rust repair on the doors and lower drivers corner. A golf ball sized dent on the roof; and boy was it smacked hard. Story goes; Rudy was driving by a Golf course with his Pop's when a huge bang rang in the cab. Not even a 'fore' before the hit. I'm sure that golfer ran off in fear of getting whacked. Boys and their cars are a strange relationship. :) They soon stopped and were unsure what caused that noise. It wasnt till later in the day; when roaming outside the house for something else, when the dent caught his attention. His heart broke; as mine would too.

The bed will be getting some messaging touches; a new front wall and a new lower roll pan under the tail gate.

Look at what we have done so far.

Original Firewall Removed; all the original spot welds were drilled out for a 'proper' removal without any additional damage:

New Firewall - It's an original piece from another truck. I hate to cut up other cars to save or repair another...but in this case, it was really necessary. The old piece has served its life well. Maybe, someone will pick it up and use it to replace another in worst shape:

During the disassembly stages, the drivers side engine mount was noted to being cracked by stress. It too will be repaired. Way to go team!

Stay tuned and watch for progress on this beauty.

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