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1955 Chevy Gasser Project

Today was a pretty tough and frustrating. Starting yesterday, it was my goal to get the 55 Chevy running and broke in so we can take her for a spin.

Unfortunately, it did not happen. Saturday was spent chasing issues. We found one issue after another. A bad break line that will have to be re-bent and custom fit. A small leak in the oil pan gasket, Leaky fuel lines, leaky carburators, loose and leaky water necks, valves that needed adjustment, distributor issues and brittle wiring that kept falling apart. Sunday, ended up raining pretty hard. Luckily it cut out before noon came around. It was really interesting!

Some of the lessons learned were;

~If you can afford the tool, double flare your custom brake lines. Saves for extra work, and extra painting on that freshly painted frame. (Frown)

~Never use those stupid Specter chrome round fuel regulators. They are always on the 'Chrome' Aisle in your local large commercial auto parts house. I spent an hour chasing this 'generic' part. I really wanted an adjustable Holly unit, but since it was Sunday; ordering of a part was not an option. So I went with it. Long story short, the darn part was broke before I took it out of the package. Ugh!

~When dropping the distributor in place, make sure your on top dead center, #1 piston. Note location of rotor to start firing order.

~Check your wiring, and ensure its in good condition and not showing bare spots for possible shorts.

All I can say is this week will focus on all the issues at hand to better prepare for that 30 min breaking!

Fingers Crossed! - Motor On!

I want to give thanks to my friends: D.Mitchell, Cowboy, George, Walt and Fish. Thanks for donating a few hours of your Sunday time to troubleshoot the problems I was having.

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