Glenn Miller - At Last!


1941 Ford Rudy Truck Update

Well, the pictures dont do it any justice, but the frame has been cleaned and painted a glossy black.

Passenger Side Corner. Looks like previous damage that was fixed.

Drivers door. Can you say 'Swiss Cheese'. With all laughter to the side, this is typical on most old cars. The doors load up with dirt and debris, trapping water on the bottom causing it to eat itself from rust from the inside out. Its recommended to replace the lower door and lower skin. Other methods that "CAN" be used are POR-15 coating on the inside and out, with a small amount of fiberglass painted in for added strength. Just make sure the factory drain holes are in place.

New center X-member supports. They fit perfectly and like a glove.

Lower eye on steering box snapped off. Piece was chamferred and TIG welded back into place. Like new again!

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