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Quick Tips - Grounding

Grounding is an important aspect to all vintage car electrics, especially in a 6volt system.

A few helpful tips to expand your grounding for a 'longer' life span on your existing system.

1. Every once in a while, inspect your battery and body grounds. Remove them, clean the posts and the surfaces they are attached too.

2. Make sure you have FRESH bare metal that your grounds are connected to.

3. Use a wire wheel to clean all your ground surfaces. I use a wire wheel cup and cordless drill.

4. Use a anti-corrosion gel on all ground connections. Gives longer life.

5. Add a separate ground from your frame to body. I always put one on the front and rear of body to ensure good grounding throughout! Use #6 wire or Flat mesh grounding strap from your local parts house. Go to Step #6.

6. Always use round eyelets for all grounds (see picture above) on all grounds. There is a much larger surface area which is needed for a good ground.

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