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Starting Soon!

I have this new project; A 1929 Ford Coupe. Why is it that your worried about color even before rubber hits the rims? My goal with this thing is to produce a car with all the left over parts from previous projects. Its not the best pick of the litter, but its a great start for a cool traditional ride. Parts are going to hit the sandblaster next week, chassis parts will be painted and assembly to follow shortly.

Some of the parts that I have are:

1937 Ford Rear Wishbones
1940 Ford Front Wishbones
3.5" Drop, Ford Axle
Early Round-Back Spindles
16" Ford Steelies
4.50 WWW Firestone Front tires
7.50 WWW Firestone Rear tires
41 Ford Banjo Rear End
Early Juice Brakes Front and Rear
1929 Ford Model A Front Grill
1929 Ford Hood Assembly

1956 Chevy, 265 Small Block Engine
4bbl Carb
Stock Chevy Intake
1939 Ford 3-Speed
Chevy Saginaw 3-speed Transmission

A few questions; What would be a good body and wheel combo? What type of transmission should I run with? To Channel or to "High Boy"? Lets hear some ideas that I could run with and consider.


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