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Blogging... The lack of

For all my readers, sorry for not keeping up on my site; the election has really taken alot of my time. Now that were at the end of it; look for more articles/blogs to be posted!

If you haven't already.... GO VOTE!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your posts.Even though the elections are over the video you posted did nothing but move me to tears.
I am so glad that you paused & posted and that the person I knew so many years at Fort Monroe,Va is still a true American and patriot!!
Look forward to see more traditional.
Thanks for not settling for the "norm" but going for so much more!!

Chopped50ford said...

Sometimes the truth will set you free. Watching that video also moved me in so many ways. Being a Veteran myself; I hold dear to my heart our serviceman and women. Thank you for what you do each day to keep the Freedom's that live and breathe in America.