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Lead Work: Using lead as body filler - Part 2

Tools Required

To put down lead you need the following items:

1) Sticks of lead as described above, be sure its 70/30 lead. Anything else, I have been told it wont stick very well.

2) A flat or shaped wooden paddle to apply the lead. With this, also some bee's wax, Motor oil or trans fluid to dip your paddle in to keep the lead from sticking. The Motor oil and Trans fluid is an old school trick.

3) A source of heat such as a plumbers' blowlamp, or Benzamatic Map Gas, or Propane. I use Map Gas alot, the heat is just right and easy to find.

4) Flux, or solder paste.

These items will be described as we go on.
More to come!


EDTHEKID said...
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EDTHEKID said...

Where can i get the wooden handle files to sand down the lead once its on?