Glenn Miller - At Last!


Rise to your level!

Vintage Metal has been experimenting on a few items and these are some to start with. 2, 4 & 6 inch risers for your 3 bolt intakes.

Make that Edelbrock 2x2 a Thickston "Wanna-be" or turn your dual or triple setup into a step-like setup. How cool would that be?

As of now, VM has them in bare steel. Chrome and Powder Coating will soon be available.

Im sure you ask, how much??? Well, not much to break the bank. 2" - $15, 4" - $20 and 6" - $25.

Triple setups will be sold at a discounted amount.

Email me at or post a comment here if your interested.

Keep an eye for more cool stuff to pop up here at Vintage Metal.

In the works, VM's own website.

Thanks for looking.

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