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Shrinker/Stretcher - By Harbor Freight

Here's another new HF offered unit. The shrinker/stretcher jaws. They look to be the same, as for performance, im not sure. Thier price of $239.99 is nice as well.

Check out the following specifications:

Hardened steel jaws have powerful force to curve and angle any mild steel to 18 gauge, aluminum to 16 gauge
Predrilled base mount holes
Great for auto body trim work, and door panel edging
Units can produce tight angles, 3'' radius
Powder coated for rust preventionOverall dimensions: 19-3/4" x 6"L x 2-14/16"

I have USA made units that I purchased on Ebay some time ago (long before these were offered here). I have used them extensively and love em'. Very durable and function without visible flaws.

Without getting into a political and scientific hack discussion about these, I would probably pass considering I paid the same amount for good ole' US of A units.
Let me just add: It's always smart to shop around. Never impulse buy. Research the tooling then make the plunge.

They could be worth the try...especially for the Hobbyist on a strict budget.


50shoe said...

I'll add a comment:

HF = crap :)

what did the USA ones run ya?

I used EMS rockers. the fit was OK, the passenger side needed to be spread and was a little narrow at the b pillar.

If I was doing it again I would use the surplus supply rockers. I used their inner rockers and quarters. Fit was excellent.

Chopped50ford said...

I got the pro-tools setup that was on sale for $250 for Christmas 2 years ago. The same that Eastwood sells.