Glenn Miller - At Last!


Come to "The Lot!"

Introducing one of the coolest little mags that I have seen in a long time.

Inspired by Tradition and the Passion for the Cars, Hobby and Lifestyle; Rob Payne, aka: "HellboundGasser", with his heart and soul, finally put together the 1st inagural issue of "The Lot" Magazine. As you grace the pages, you can feel the past coming to life; as it's seen through our eyes today.

Its not for the "reading" type, but a grand example of a cool "picture" led magazine, that captures today's latest ideas, rides and past examples of what roamed our gone/but not forgotten drag strips and roads.

You NEED to add this to your library! It's truly a "solid" conversation piece!

Rob...Two thumbs up, your hard work has paid off and I cant wait for the 2nd issue. (though I with the 55' would have graced the pages of the first one, anyways - put me down on your subscription list!)


For more information or to order, email:

The magazines cost: A measly $5 + shipping.

What are you waiting for?

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