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Metal Planetary Ring Roller

What the! Yep, another HF tool. You can use this to make cool rings or arches for your custom projects. I use 1/4 to 1/2 'Hot Roll' round stock like our "Custom Fathers" did in the old days. Rolling metal for custom headlight rings, panel reformation. For many years, I have by-passed this tool for the price, but now, its affortable and I'm jumping on the bandwagon of savings. For $59.99, why not? Check it out!

Harbor Freight #36790

MAKE METAL WHEELS AND RINGS! High quality, precision machined roller forms rings out of hot rolled flat stock. Metal sizes up to 3/16'' x 1'' and up to 1/4'' round. Create rings from 3'' diameter to as large as you need. All surfaces are heat-treated and hardened for long life. Create chandeliers, plant holders, ornamental iron work and more.
Handle: 13-1/2'' long
Weight: 13-1/4 lbs.

Just a side note to the Ignorant: There are some people in the metal community who think those who use HF tools are unqualified, time wasting, metal bangers. Its sad that folks out there dont offer praise to them, but rather cut them down at the knees...spitting "Amateur wanna-be!" We "bottom feeders" are learning and working metal to achieve in our project what we dream of. Customs, metal working, wood working or even lawn cutting doesnt make you a professional w/ a $5000 tool.
Those who think that, I feel sorry for you or then, maybe I don't. Come to the real world and see what REAL people do...It just might amaze you.
There is nothing worst than a "Knee-chopper" at a show. I have seen people do that in front of cars with the owners present. Makes you want to pop them right in the mouth.

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