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The new Holly 94

Looks like Edelbrock stepped up to the plate and created something that will get the hot rod society excited. From the looks of these, it appears they may have used some old molds to create a new breath of fresh air. No more rebuilding what has been rebuilt 100 times over. Now...lets see what the new price is going to be. Im sure its over $30, which is the normal price for an old one!

From the new catalog insert, they will be offering complete intake setups for SBC and Flathead engines starting at $1400.

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arto said...

On the one hand, I imagine this will mean higher quality rebuild parts for originals, but if the cost winds up around the same as the new Strombergs (the good English ones, not the Speedway copies) I'm not so sure they'll be a hit in the marketplace. Having said all that, though, I don't really understand why 97's are worth such a premium anyways other than fitting better on multi-carb intakes.