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1958 Edsel Commercial - A Layout of all the Options

The first year for Edsel, and from what I can see a huge effort to get one of the most economical, choice ridden, luxury vehicles on the road.

Most people call them ugly, but after watching this; it may curve your opinion. Lots of flash and pizzaz.

18 Different Models; Ranger, Pacer, Corsair, Citation, Bremuda
90 Color Combinations

Over the past few days, I have been talking with several friends of mine about the "Edsel" to get thier opinion on the cars and suprisingly, I found that it was a largely liked vehicle because of its flash and speed. "They were great cars and motored fast when the pedal was mashed!".

Did it fail because of its looks; or was it because of bad managment? I read that a large part of its demise came from the low economy period during that time. Ford/Mercury looked for ways to cut back to keep thier company moving forward.

I dont know about you, but after watching this; how could you NOT like them anymore and want to run out to buy one!.

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