Glenn Miller - At Last!

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The "Patrick" Coupe

Vintage Metal is on Week 2 of this build. As the Chassis is mocked together, some changes will happen like lower the rear of the car 3-4 inches. A small step will be incorporated into the frame to bring the trunk/rear of body down to a respectable level and the rear tires in perspective of the rear well curvature.

The doors bottoms and interior structure have been repaired. New lower patch panels have been cut, metal worked and installed. With a little more hammer and dolly work, a minimal skim coat will be needed to straighten them out. You cant get any better than this. :)

The front rear quarters are next on the list.

Vintage Metal takes pride in all work being done. Replacement of all necessary areas with new metal is a must.

Stay tuned for more future updates.

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