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Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview

I am a huge fan of early 50's Cadillac's. They have some of the most sexy lines. These cars were owned by many prestigious people like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Folks who drove these cars were either bankers, politicians or people of "high" employment seats within the public.

These are big cars and very spacious. They were built during a time when cars were built with beauty, flash, and character. When you looked upon any car from the 40's and 50's, each one was distinctive in their designs. Much different than the cars of today.

I ran into some very interesting pictures of some early Cadillac wagon's. I never knew they were ever conceived. Was I wrong. See below at this beautiful example of a wonderful design. I sure wish I had one right about now. :)

The Hess & Eisenhardt, Cincinnati, Ohio, Built Custom View Master Station Wagons in 1955 and 1956. William 'Bill' Hess, who designed this wagon in conjunction with the Cadillac Motor Car Division of GM, was a graduate of General Motors Institute of Technology; in the fifties, he was considered one of the most advanced stylists in the industry. These luxury station wagons were built on the Series 62 chassis (129-inch wheelbase) using Series 86 Commercial cowl and floor pan. Doors were by Fleetwood. The tail-gate glass was that of the Chevrolet Nomad wagon. Seven were manufactured, each one being different in color and finish from the next; they stood two inches taller than the regular Series 62 Cadillac and each weighed around 5000 pounds. All had chrome window pillars all round and most had imitation wood side-paneling in Fiberglass (except this prototype with its plain metal sides), as well as three rows of seats providing room for eight passengers.

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