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The most amazing 32 Roadster!

One of my favorite images, a Deuce towing a track roadster.

I am not one to get excited, jump up and down and point in amazement. Since seeing this car, I have always favored the 32 roadster and its body lines. This one is one of the few that I really love. If you ask me, it's the perfect image of a Traditional Hot Rod.

When staring at the picture you can only wonder what color the body is. With your imagination, lift the hood and see what's powering this beautiful beast.

As for the roadster top and side curtains....WOW!

Sit in it, and push the starter button, step on the gas and lift the feel the road under your seat.


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Eric said...

i believe that is the veda orr car. it is my favorite as well. i got to see it in person at the peterson museum about a year ago.