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Gene Winfield

Gene Winfield, to some, they would call the master crafter of cars.

This is one of those pictures that make you wonder about all the activity going on.

Take that Merc Winfield is working on, the perfect custom. The fade-aways down the length of the car, the perfect chop, nosed, decked, shaved door handles. Im guessing he is welding up the cowl vent to finish it off for a customer. Maybe a work in progress, a customer is back after payday to get one more thing done; until next time.

Could you imagine if a body guy today was to stand on the hood of your car to fix the cowl area... pffft. Yeah right. "uh, could you change the hood too while your at it! "

A stunning shot...painted or not...

What else do you see?

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Zombilly said...

That is really Gene?