Glenn Miller - At Last!


1963 Cadillac Hearse

Vintage Metal is excited for the opportunity to work on this new project; A 1963 Cadillac Hearse, coach built by Miller-Meteor . Unbeknown'st to the idea and what to expect from the car, it's proven to be an awesome example of Old style craftsmanship and design.

We here at Vintage Metal were surely unclear of the vibe it may bring, but after a closer look, the obvious pops out; it's as normal as the rest of the 4 wheel chariots. The only difference is it sports lots of attitude from the front to the back.

Were excited for the challenge and when were done, many years will be added to prolong the life of this great car.

Here's a little trivia; on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy's body was transported in the same identical coach as the one pictured here (excluding the landau bars and window covers), only in white.


Mustang Mike said...

Hey, great blog! Just love it! I will put a link on my site to yours. And about the hearse, there is a local one all done up with scary things and she takes it to the local car shows. I have some pics of it on my blog if you scroll down enough!! Probably two years ago. Anyway, love your blog. Great job. Visit to see what I do! I'll be back!!

Norm said...

Mike, Thank you for the great comment and I will do the same for you and put up a link of your website as well.

Were also on Facebook and MySpace, Please come visit us there!

Anonymous said...

Sorry the trivia is wrong. The hearse that carried JFK is a 1964.