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1949 Shoebox Ford

More pictures of the 1949 Ford Shoebox project. One of the most important tasks on this car is to rework the chop that was done previously. In the process, there were alot of areas that showed alot of bad stress and poor welding. Now, don't get me wrong, everyone has 'their way' of doing things, but in our view and experience, there are certain ways Vintage Metal does them different from the rest.

The A pillars needed a serious re-work to get the front roof alignment correct. This includes the metal affected on the inside header of the car.

From the other pictures, you notice the obvious; Early 50's styled french headlights and frenched taillights. The rear quarter peak moulding has been removed for a more smooth but slight peak to finish off the rear in its flow towards the wheels.

Don't be bashful, if you have 'better' ideas, please feel free to comment...

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Anonymous said...

Norm, great work!! I'm loving how my car is coming along. I like the direction it's headed in.