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To Live and Drive in the 20's

Ah, to live in the 20's. Here is a great video of the Twenties. There are some great filmshots of some probably extinct 'buses'. A long roadster with a fold back top. Heh, its even snowing outside and there people are just happy to get a ride. Simply Amazing. Could you imagine if it happened this way today? Also featured is a small section "The Motor Car Designed for the Women". A neat little car with a 'boattail' rear section! I wonder if this was influenced by the racers of the time? There's more amazing shots in this video. Let me know what you like about it?

How's about a drive in New York in 1928? Talk about different. Its amazing, without all the strict rules we have to follow, that these folks even got around.

This is great. Check out Babe Ruth! Importantly, check out the cars in the video. There are so many different types.

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