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Ford Model T and Henry Ford

I was browsing You Tube again and ran into this cool Model T video and Henry Ford. I have always enjoyed the cars, but never took the plunge into owning one. Im so intreagued by the construction and engineering of the vehicles of those times. Henry Ford was doing it right. Those were the good ole' days.

Not sure if it was a promo at one time, but check out the ruggedness of the car and the hills it's driving off of. I wouldn't do it in a modern car.

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arto said...

Neat video!

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some of the footage is from vintage promos, but obviously the whole video with soundtrack is a modern day compilation--I don't think movies with sound existed until like '26 or '27, at the tail end of the T era, and a lot of the wipe effects and such look to me like the product of iMovie or Windows Movie Maker or some similar 21st century consumer video app. You probably could duplicate them with enough effort in matt painting and other special FX techniques that go back to the '20s or '30s, but even then it might not look as clean.