Glenn Miller - At Last!


Custom Headlight Treatment

I dont know why, but I finally got heavy into my shoebox's custom headlights. Beautiful rings from a 55' Oldsmobile. For the past months I have been putting it off, scared and leary if I could even do the work. I'm nuts. Just like anything else, I was remined today that it's really not that big a deal. It's only metal right? Cut and paste like a pre-school art project.
This car has really become attached to me. Each modification, pointing towards that Traditional Custom I have always wanted.
A quick synopsis of what I'm doing. I created a metal ring to hold the chrome ring on the car, and to provide an area for the 'new' sheetmetal to be welded. Sort of like a mini frame/mold to get the fenders to flow properly into it's new set of "eyes."
The fender tops should be completed tomorrow.

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